Free Vegan Macro Nutrition Video Series

Do you know what bothers me about the fitness and weight loss industry?

It's been so flooded with misinformation that it leaves people SO confused and without results...

This video series explores the science of the 3 major macronutrients: carbs, fat, and protein. It also explains how to get the optimal amounts on a vegan diet.

If you don't know my story, I've lost 30 pounds and kept it off for 3 years with very little effort. Before that, I spent years trying silly and ineffective weight loss strategies that totally ignored the fundamentals (which I explain in the free video series).

The info I'm sharing in this video series is exactly the principles that helped drop 30 pounds and keep it off. I still use these principles every single day. Not because I'm still trying to lose weight... Implementing this info just make me feel really energized, they help me maintain my fitness, and the food is delicious. What's not to love??

Whether you're just starting a healthy lifestyle or you've been on your fitness journey for a while, this video series can help fine-tune your nutrition to get to your ideal physique.


  • myths and truths about carbs
  • how much protein we really need
  • the truth behind protein
  • how to implement this info to get and stay fit as a vegan
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